Thomas Adventure Quiz £10.61 @ Amazon

thomas1 "I'm a very useful engine!" says Thomas, especially when it comes to keeping kids happy; the little blue engine can do no wrong in my opinon.

Just when I thought I had every conceiveable Thomas item there was going, I stumble across this one AND being sold at more than half price too.

All of my kids really love question and answer items (even the big ones, still!). There's something about the thrill of getting the questions right and getting the reward - press one of the answer keys and correct answers are rewarded with a green light and incorrect ones given the red light, both accompanied by the usual Thomas music and sound effects.

thomas2Suitable from age two onwards, there are 10 different moving scenes and Thomas puffs his way around the track and asks questions - over 100 of them in fact, all based on colours, numbers and Thomas characters.

There's a volume switch too (thank you toy designers!) and a handle, it even comes with batteries INCLUDED! Yes you read that right - the batteries ARE included.

"Are you going to go to Amazon?" asks Thomas.  YES is the answer to that question...ooooh look a green light for me!

Thanks to amibees over at HUKD!

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