Sylvanian Families Sycamore Cottage £17.99 @ Amazon

Next year, the Sylvanian Families franchise will have been part of the UK's toy landscape for 25 years so I imagine we'll be seeing plenty of 25th anniversary edition malarkey that will be massievely overpriced (oooh, cynical? Me?!).

Until then, Sylvanian Families fans can get their hands on a reasonably priced (now that it's been reduced) Sycamore Cottage for £17.99 instead of £29.99.

I don't get this sort of thing at all; well, I 'get it' when little kids have them and get lost in fabulous imaginative playtime with their little Sylvanian Families friends.  It's when adults buy them and have them on display all around their house, what is with THAT?!'s everything you need to know about this Sylvanian Families Sycamore Cottage.

It comes with Claire Chocolate Rabbit (cute name!) and her little cottage comes with a comfy bed and cosy blanket; she has all mod' cons' too - a stove, a sink, a chopping board, table and chairs and even some food.

The first floor of the Sylvanian Families Sycamore Cottage is removable, which allows you to extend the play area, and it can also be joined to Beechwood Hall.

If you're a Sylvanian Families collector then I'm sure that all sounds pretty fabulous; please be aware that this is NOT an Amazon deal of the week, so the current £17.99 price is, as always, subject to the whimsy of Amazon price tinkering.

Thanks to Twinx at HUKD

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