Sylvanian Families Dinner Lady & Lollipop Man £6.50 @ Amazon

Sylvanian Families Dinner Lady & Lollipop Man £6.50 @ Amazon

I tend to complain about the price of the Sylvanian Families stuff a lot. But thinking about it this morning, I realised that I’ve found so many Sylvanian Family deals I could have created an entire universe for my child at a fraction of the usual cost! So, for those of you who have done this, here is yet another great Sylvanian Families deal…

This Sylvanian Families discount is for the Dinner Lady and Lollipop Man setthat used to cost £11.99 but is now down to £6.50. The set includes two figures – Mr Renard the Lollipop Man and Dorothy Patches the dinner lady. They each come with their own accessories and will fit in nicely with the rest of the Sylvanian Family crew.

If this deal doesn’t work for you, why not look at the Sylvanian Families School Dinners setthat has also been reduced to £5.50 from the usual £9.99. You get six of everything for the pupils to have a healthy lunch including drinks. There are over 50 pieces in this set.

Thanks to wishihadadonkey at HUKD!


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