Stickeez Are Back @ Lidl!

Stickeez Are Back @ Lidl!

Last year, when Lidl launched Stickeez school kids went daft. These little, rubbery, mini suction cup figures became the thing for children to trade.

As they were only available at Lidl, it was a good move from the discount retailer - kids whined for them, so we would go shopping their to get them, whilst picking up some groceries too. Even those that had never set foot in a Lidl before found themselves in store.

Now, they are releasing the 'football' series and my boys have already been yakking in my ear for them. They aren't out until the 19th May but the anticipation is high.

These new 'football' themed ones seem to have the countries of Europe on which I am guessing is to coincide with Euro 2016. There are 25 to collect and you will get a FREE Stickeez when you spend just £10 in store.

My local Lidl couldn't keep Stickeez in stock the last time they were out, and I reckon it'll be the same again. They aren't expensive - I think they were around 30p a packet, and you were getting them FREE when you spent a certain amount on shopping. A damn sight cheaper than Moshi Monsters or LEGO Minifigures.

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  • Annie S.

    Oh god no.

  • Laura M.

    Lol I know!!! Keep seeing the ads on channel 5 in the morning!! :laughing:

  • Louise B.

    Oh great!!!

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