Stick Man 13" Plush £3.71 @ Amazon

I'm Stick Man!
Stick Man 13" Plush £3.71 @ Amazon

A-dor-a-ble! This Stick Man 13" Plush is so freakin' cute, even I want one. Grab it right now for just £3.71, which is a super duper price for it on Amazon. We've never seen it below £4, so this isn't to be missed.

Stick Man Plush

The Stick Man is a character from one of Julia Donaldson's books. He's up there with The Gruffalo when it comes to popularity, and because of this merchandise can be pricey.

I'm impressed at the size of this plush, as it's 13 inches long. For under £5, that seems really good. It's all soft and squishy, so ideal for little ones to snuggle into at bedtime.

Free delivery is available if you've got Prime, or are spending £20+.


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