Star Wars Yoda Carry Case £3.90 Add-On @ Amazon

24 April 2014

Yoda Carry Bag Amazon have reduced a Star Wars Yoda carry case from £12.99 to £3.90. This drops it below the free delivery price and makes it an add on item. If you buy 3 of these - say for gifts or matching bags or whatever - you're still paying less than you would have ordinarily at the full RRP for one. Tesco currently has it for £14.48 including delivery, for one, so it strikes me as a great deal.

I don't know what's happen in the world of IT guys and young people anymore, if I'm honest, but I know that just a few years ago my crowd of friends would have love love loved this bag. Adults or not.

And to be fair, they probably still would - I'm just not in the same crowd of friends anymore!

The Yoda Carry case would make a great toy box for on the go this summer, or a fab lunch bag by the size of it. Apparently it's suitable for displaying action figures, since the inner 'shelf' divides into compartments. Either way, it has a an easy to wipe down surface for spills and has a convenient carry handle.

I think it's a brilliant carry bag!

Thanks to rendog at HUKD

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