Star Wars General Grevious Lightsaber £17.48 @ Asda Direct

Star Wars General Grevious Lightsaber £17.48 @ Asda Direct

starWarsGeneralGreviousLightsaberI have this!

Ooops, rather - my youngest son has this Star Wars General Grevious Lightsaber; it's great and what's just as great?  Asda Direct selling it for half price, £17.48 instead of £34.97.

My youngest is too cute and incredibly funny; it doesn't matter how many times he watches the Star Wars movies, or the cartoon Clone Wars, and HEARS everyone saying 'lightsaber', he absolutely flatly REFUSES to accept that it's not 'lightSAVER'.

I've had many a lightSABER battle with this Star Wars General Grevious piece of kit and, even as a grown up Star Wars fan knowing it's a toy, there's something rather thrilling about holding such an elegant weapon, from a more civilised age.

So, you get two lightsabers - one green and one blue - that make properly realistic lightsabre noises, the power-up noise is particularly awesome (my favourite, in fact).

You also get a 'spinning wheel' to attach your lightsabers to - there's a handle in the middle, which you grip, the wheel has two ports that you plug your lightsabers into and then that whole wheel spins round.

You can use the wheel with one lightsaber too, but with both plugged in you get a deadly weapon that's over four feet long; AWESOME!

If you're a Star Wars fan (young or old) then I guarantee you'll have a lot of fun playing with this Star Wars General Grevious Lightsaber.

May the force be with you!


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