Star Wars: The Clone Wars: Yoda 4" Soft Toy £2.79 @ Play

Yoda It appears that I’m on a Star Wars mission at the moment, or perhaps there is a sudden surge in Star Wars deals, but here’s another adorable deal for you. This four inch Yoda is only £2.79 at and that includes free delivery! 

Originally sitting at nearly a tenner, this is a substantial reduction for this cuddly toy that any kid will love. I adored Yoda as a child, and rather enjoyed his fight scenes in the new movies. In fact I may go so far as to say that it was those fight scenes that possibly saved some of the movies for me... 

Anyway this little guy is small enough to hide in a backpack or proudly place on your desk. Some of the reviews are hilarious – one points out that if you squish him a bit then he starts to look more like Yoda than when he’s delivered. Hilarious. Yoda2

However, if Yoda isn’t your thing then Chewbacca, Ewoks and Clone Troopers are all on sale too.  Frankly the Clone Trooper has me laughing too so perhaps get both for under a tenner! These are a sure fire winner for Star Wars fans both young and old. 

Thanks to dj_urban at HUKD! 

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