Star Wars Captain Rex Electronic Command Helmet 19.98 @ Tesco

10 August 2010

rex1 This morning Tesco are my best friend as they've cut the price of this Star Wars Clone Wars Captain Rex electronic command helmet in half, reducing it from £39.97 down to £19.98.

I was bought up with the Star Wars movies; the original ones - Episode IV A New Hope, Episode V The Empire Strikes Back (THE best of them of all) and Episode VI Return of the Jedi (and even then I thought Jedi was a bit daft in places).

I'm really not that up to speed with the minutiae of the prequel episodes, and I frequently find myself being educated in the ways of the Clone Wars by my youngest.

I have no idea how on earth he managed to get so stuck on the Clone Wars rather than the other movies, but there you are. Captain Rex is definitely his favourite so this is electronic command helmet is going to be bought and stashed away in readiness for that event that happens in December.

rex2There's not that much I can tell you about it really. It's suitable for kids over five and it features Jedi commands and will amplify your voice when  you wear it and make you sound a bit like Captain Rex (obviously).

It requires 2 AA batteries, which aren't included, and home delivery will cost you £5.95 if you don't/can't arrange to collect it for free in-store.

Thanks to miacat over at HUKD!

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