Star Wars 48" Battle Buddies £69.99 @ Costco

Star Wars 48" Battle Buddies £69.99 @ Costco

If you know a serious Star Wars fan then we have just found their ultimate Christmas gift! These Star Wars Battle Buddies stand a huge 48 inches high, and they're on offer in Costco for £69.99 each! That's an awful lot of toy for your money!

These are really mega huge figures, as 48 inches high is a whopping 121cm tall so it will tower over younger Star Wars fans!

Oh and don't think they just stand there looking awesome - there's more to them than that!

Darth Vader can be set to either "friend" or "foe" mode through a simple belt mounted switch and he will recognise all visitors and issues authentic sound clips and breathing noises in his iconic voice. The Stormtrooper has a motion detector, lines from the movies and sound effects as well. It's like having your very own Star Wars character guarding your room!

Both the figures have 'points of articulation' meaning that you can move them and stand them in different poses. The Stormtrooper comes with a weapon so that he can stand ready for battle, and Darth Vader comes complete with Lightsaber!

I love these and I'm very tempted to get the Darth Vader one for my kids. Can you imagine the kid's faces if they came down to that standing by the tree on Christmas morning! We already have our Star Wars Tree Decorations courtesy of Poundland so I think I can see a theme coming along...

If you are a Costco member then you get it for the £69.99 price, and that includes home delivery. Non members can still purchase but there's a 5% surcharge.


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  • Nicola R.

    OMG look! So expensive though!

    • Karen H.


      I would be scared lol

      I would walk into a room forget they were there and :tired_face::flushed::scream:

      • Rachel C.

        I know a boy who would like these :grinning:

        • Jimmy C.

          Tate is definitely Vadar.. :thumbsup:

        • Sam H.

          These r ace hun xx

          • Lisa S.

            Thats nearly the same size as me :joy:

            • Rachel O.

              OMG :sparkling_heart:

              • Charlotte G.

                Haha! He saw the "stormpooper" in toys r us and totally crapped it when it started making noises :joy: Loved it in the end though. Maybe next Christmas haha!!xx

                • Kelly M.

                  Haha yeah love a bit of costco!:blush:x

                  • Amie K.

                    He does need it!!!!! Lol xx

                    • Paul M.


                      • Tina G.

                        Omg he would sadly love them lol

                        • Amanda M.

                          I've got a storm trooper in my cloak room :speak_no_evil: