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13 August 2010


Now this is my kind of deal so you'll have to forgive me indulging myself here. I do so love anything to do with Star Trek (I even have a Star Trek phone) and this webcam is an awesome geek out gift. Down from £32.99 to only £17.99, including free delivery, from, it's a brilliant present for any Trekkies in your life (including you!).

This particular webcam is designed like the Enterprise NCC1701, the original Enterprise as used by Kirk and co.  The lens is focusable for clear image adjustment and the webcam is suitable for video conferencing. The LED nacelles light up when it is in use and it works with Skype, AIM, MSN, iChat and all other incarnations of webcam-based instant messaging.

11857007mYou can plug-and-play this beauty and it is compatible with Window XP, Vista, and 7, and with Mac OSX. This is totally brilliant in my opinion, especially the fact that the nacelles light up and that the camera is hidden in the deflector dish. Wahey! The Star Trek webcam can be positioned for the best view using the adjustable flex and it has an adhesive Star Fleet insignia that you can use to mount it on your monitor.

Thanks to whizzkid at HUKD!

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