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spock I had one of these up in the pre-Christmas rush last year so I am delighted to report that the sale has now come a delightful full circle to deliver another up unto thee. Down from £24.99 to only £5.99, what you have here is a slice of history from

There is this age old debate as to who is better – Star Trek or Star Wars. Last year there was an awesome post on GeekDad that asked readers to vote on which was better. The thing is. Why are we to choose between the two? I love Star Wars and I love Star Trek, equally. Is like comparing apples with pears or saying that if you have two kids you have to love one more than the other because they are different. I think I am allowed to choose them both. So I do. But Trek is for every day, Star Wars is for Sunday marathons...spock2

So, fight back. Get your kids Spock outfits, practise the Vulcan neck pinch, mindmeld on Sundays and never, ever find anything illogical. YES! Oh, and those of you in the know will know that this isn't actually a 'Spock' outfit per se. It's actually just the Science Officer colours, not Spock's. Nerdage...

Thanks to Micarmic at HUKD!

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