Sponge Bob Scooter £8.98 @ Amazon

Sponge Bob Scooter £8.98 @ Amazon

Sponge Bob ScooterGet your little one moving with a scooter. Or yourself. I'm not kidding. I was running late yesterday so I jumped on my son's scooter and did the trip to the school in 4 minutes instead of 10!  This Sponge Bob scooter has been reduced to about half price by Amazon, from 19.99 to £8.98. Delivery is free with super saver delivery.

I've found my son's scooter immensely useful. Not only does it get my son moving but at the end of a long day when he's very tired I can pull him along. Oh and hang my bag on the handle.

Yesterday was the first time I rode on it myself though. To be honest, they're a wee bit scary. Even with my foot almost permanently on the brake - my son's is a micro scooter - going down the slow incline of the hill we live on was an interesting experience. I've got a lot more respect for my son's ability now, as he whizzes down there, weaving in and out of the cracks, and making it all look effortless.

Recommended for children five years and above, this scooter has a height adjustable handle, and a rear brake. It has a fold and lock mechanism for easy transport and storage. And lots of cool Sponge Bob graphics too.

Thanks to Shadow1 at HUKD!


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