Spirograph Design Tin Set £11.95 @ Amazon

Spirograph Design Tin Set £11.95 @ Amazon

Remember Spirograph? I bet you do. It was the top of many Christmas Lists back in our youth. There's nothing like showing your own kids, how you used to have fun, and what you played with.

This Spirograph Design Tin Set is just the ticket for an afternoon of nostalgia and bonding with your son and daughter. It's only £11.95 at Amazon, making it an inexpensive Birthday or Christmas gift.

So, what do you get in the Spirograph Design Tin Set? The set contains seven Spirograph Precision Wheels, a Spirograph Precision Ring, a Spirograph Precision Rack, .025 ounces of Reusable Spiro-Putty, two Retractable Ball Point Pens, two page Guide Book, 24-page Design Pad and a Collectible Travel Tin with Snap-In Storage Tray.

You can have the Spirograph Design Tin Set delivered for FREE if you are an Amazon Prime member or are spending £20 or more. If neither of these apply then delivery is £3.99.


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  • Roxanne W.

    omg used to love this!! Xx

    • Ineke D.

      I loved this when iwas younger lol

      • Jean H.

        Remember it well hours of fun

        • Chandeep P.

          Omg I loved spirograph when I was a kid... hell I'd prob still love it. My lil girl is only 8 months but I will still buy this now and save it for her! X

          • Edith D.

            I used to love this:sunglasses::heart:

            • Carrie S.

              That moment when you'd been so careful and almost finished the perfect pattern and the cog and pen would slip...agghhhhh :joy::joy::joy:

              • Ruth H.

                wish u could still get a dial a design! x

                • Ruth H.


                • Dawn L.

                  Christmas is coming up.. just saying

                  • Kaz R.

                    What for you? or Oscar? xx

                    • Dawn L.

                      for me obvs :joy::joy:

                      • Kaz R.

                        Ha ha :D xx

                      • Carol B.

                        This is a travel version

                        • Fiona R.

                          Tesco have this x

                          • Stephanie G.

                            do you remember this xxx

                            • Jasmine W.

                              Yeah I was thinking about buying bailey it lol. Relive my childhood xxx

                              • Stephanie G.

                                so it's not for Bailey.....:wink: xxx

                                • Jasmine W.

                                  I'll write his name on the tag ha :laughing: xxx

                                • Nicola C.

                                  Saw this at tescos earlier. Was tempted! X

                                  • Samantha C.

                                    I want this for myself lol! :wink:

                                    • Dawn R.

                                      Yes ...

                                      • Melanie P.

                                        Forget kids for me!

                                        • Lynne S.

                                          Loved this

                                          • Kathryn L.

                                            I got so much cramp from this as a kid :joy:

                                            • Becky N.

                                              this is an idea xxxxxx

                                              • Michele P.

                                                I still have the original :)

                                                • Jennifer W.

                                                  Not great reviews :confused: