Spiralin Seas Waterpark £29 @ Little Tikes

Spiralin Seas Waterpark £29 @ Little Tikes

spiralinSeasWaterParkLittle Tikes are selling this Spiralin Seas Waterpark water play table 'thingy' for £29 at the moment.

There are all sorts of things kids can do with this Spiralin Seas Waterpark water table.

Other than just splashing around in it and getting soaked it's going to help them develop various fine motor skills along with learning and understanding cause and effect.

They can drop character balls down the spiral, watch them go round and round and end up dropping down into the lazy river - you just KNOW how long this will keep kids entertained for...HOURS, especially once they persuade YOU to keep dropping the balls into the spiral.

There's also a ferris wheel which, when turned, scoops up balls and the drops them off and if they fill the cup and pour water into the funnel they will make two water wheels spin.

The Spiralin Seas Waterpark water table has a 6 litre capacity and is recommended only for children aged two years and older.

Now before you go dashing off to Little Tikes to place your order, I need to remind you about Mothercare's 'Price Match' promise.

They promise to match the price of anything you find online, or in a store, cheaper than they're selling it for - this is one of those times as Mothercare are selling this Spiralin Seas Waterpark for £44.99 as an online exclusive (you won't be able to collect it in-store) - they call it something different but it's the same thing

If you can be bothered with a quick phonecall and fancy a £10 Mothercare voucher for your 'trouble' then just give them a call and give them all the relevant details - they'll match the Little Tikes price for you and send your voucher along in the post too.


Thanks to wirefreelee (for the original deal) and hsg (for the price match reminder) at HUKD


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