Spiderman Web Wheelin Bike With Figure £5.29 @ Amazon

spiderman and bike

Spiderman Web Wheelin Bike with figure is only £5.29 @ Amazon just now. This retails for £14 at Woolworths and at The Entertainer, so you can appreciate that this is a BARGAIN. It is under the threshold of £10 for Amazon's FREE Super Saver delivery, so why not grab two and gift one to someone at Christmas?

The Superman Web Wheelin Bike with figure is suitable for ages three to seven years old. It can race, flip over and go really fast. This will be enjoyed by any little Spiderman fan. The Web Wheelin Bike comes with a Spiderman figure, that fits perfectly into the bike. The bike can then do wheelies, whilst Spiderman is riding it.

There's not much to this toy, but it's the sort of toy that you buy and you child neglect all of the expensive ones. It's fun and obviously Spiderman themed, so it will be appreciated by any Marvel fan.

I am more of a Batman fan, but I think Toby McGuire killed Spiderman for me. He really grates on me! Anyway, this Spiderman Web Wheelin Bike (with figure) should sell quickly so grab a couple and get through that checkout!

Thanks to Aiden1512 @ HUKD

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  • Connor5
    Hi, how do I go about purchasing one of these please? Thanks Shelagh
  • LuschkaPP
    Hi, how do I go about purchasing one of these please? Thanks Shelagh
    Hi Shelagh, you need to click on the blue link above to go back to the merchant and purchase from them. Hope that helps!

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