Spend £50 On Wooden Toys Get 20% Off @ Asda George

Spend £50 On Wooden Toys Get 20% Off @ Asda George

Wooden Toys never really went out of fashion but they are most definitely more popular than ever. Asda George have a tremendous range of Wooden Toys, which you guys love. Spend £50 on them, and you can save 20% off, online only. You don't need a promo code, as the discount comes off automatically.

This George Home Wooden Kitchen and Laundry Set* is normally £65 but is now only £52 in this Spend and Save offer.

The Wooden Dolls House and Furniture Set* is usually £50, but is just £40 with that extra 20% off.

Or grab these... George Home Christmas Train Set* £20, George Home Wooden Rocking Tiger* was £30 now £17.50, George Home Shopping Trolley* £15 and George Home Gingerbread House* £12 - should cost you £77 but is only £51.60!

This George Home Wooden Train Set And Table* is an absolute steal for £60 instead of £75!

Some of the Wooden Toys are eligible for FREE Click and Collect from an Asda store near you, whilst others are too big.

Standard delivery is £2.95.


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  • Kerrie G.

    no way. Just my bloody luck rant this happens the day after I've ordered his kitchen x

    • Angela G.

      I'd phone asda and tell them about it, the might let you get discount. Phone and ask customer services.

      • Kerrie G.

        Too late now it's been dispatched this morning, the courier is waiting to receive it from the asda warehouse x

        • Angela G.

          I'd still phone and ask!

          • Kerrie G.

            What would I say though? I've already ordered it & it's been dispatched? X

            • Angela G.

              Just phone and say you've just saw it day after you ordered it is there anything they can do, a refund of the 20%

              • Kerrie G.

                I will phone tomorrow if I remember x

                • Taryn J.

                  Kerrie Gallagher def phone they will sort you the balance I'm sure otherwise you could just return it and reorder at the cheapest price! I've don't this before and got it at the cheaper price on exactly the same position bought it full price the day before half price sale x

                  • Kerrie G.

                    Ok thank u Taryn Jones x

                  • Jodi D.

                    I've actually been looking at this xx

                    • Lynne J.

                      Glad I haven't bought it yet! Thanks x

                      • Danielle R.

                        Where has the girls wooden dressing table gone? Can't find it on the website!!!

                        • Rebecca A.

                          Sold out - I found it on my saved bookmarks x

                        • Jodie W.

                          youre a star. just ordered it for Christmas, thanks hun xx

                          • Paula L.

                            Ooh thanks, I'm gonna spend a fortune!! :see_no_evil: xx

                            • Natalie W.

                              Does anyone know how long this offer lasts? :) x

                              • Claire W.

                                Oh thank you! Have been talking about getting this for my littlest ones Xmas pressie! Will order now :blush:

                                • Helen J.

                                  Brill, I wanted to get kitchen x

                                  • Tara M.

                                    How long is this offer on till?

                                    • Alexandria B.

                                      Yes! This is the one i want :laughing: x

                                      • Joanne S.

                                        Santa is bringing one..... with a doll house on 1 side and a kitchen on the other :wink::wink::wink:xx but good deal!

                                        • Lianna D.

                                          Thanks :) I'll have a look xxx

                                          • Toni S.

                                            I was looking at asda ones but the 3 floor light up one x

                                            • Dave S.


                                              • Stephanie B.

                                                It's out ov stock :pensive::tired_face:xxx

                                                • Aleeson D.

                                                  , just what we were talking about. X

                                                  • Joanne M.

                                                    This is really good, we got the smaller version last year x

                                                    • Leanne W.

                                                      We have also had this kitchen for 2 years, definitely worth its money, still looks as good as new . Definitely recommend