Speed Bike For Boys £19.98 @ Tesco Direct

bike Oh yes! This is a lovely saving of £19.99 off the original retail price for a boys speed bike with all the right accessories. It’s a fantastic toy for parents that love to go on long walks along beach fronts or country lanes and want their little tots to have enormous fun. 

The Speed bike is foot propelled and includes a helmet, knee pads and elbow pads for super safe driving. Teaching your little one to zoom around on one of these is excellent for balance and co-ordination skills. 

The bike is suitable for ages three and up and weighs about 3.7kgs. Stocks are dwindling rapidly so nab yourself this deal as fast as you possibly can because it really is a scorcher. To be honest, I know it says it’s a boy’s bike bike2but, other than the red and blue colours, I honestly can’t see why. 

This would be as perfect for a little girl as it would be for a little boy and it will offer up just as much fun for both. The nitty gritty of size are 60x74x43 so it isn’t too huge but may cramp a small flat. 

Thanks to Haylhoo at HUKD!

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