Special Agent Oso Toys £18.00 @ Disney Store

22 January 2011

Special Agent Oso

Special Agent Oso Toys are £18.00 at the Disney Store right now. It's not a deal, per se, as it's not on offer, but finding these furry fellows has been a mission in and of itself! So, if you are still after one, rather than £30.00 + on a certain auction website – here it is, in stock, for £18.00

I am actually writing this in fear and trepidation, because last time the Special Agent Oso toy was in stock, it had gone out of stock before I could hit publish.

If you're wondering what on earth this Special Agent Oso toy is, I'll tell you what Wikipedia says about him: “a special agent appearing as a colorful panda bear that helps children. He has a computerized assistant named “Paw Pilot” who tells Oso the ‘three special steps’ he needs to accomplish for his current mission. When he accomplishes the tasks, he gets a reward called the “Digi-Medal”. Oso is a children's parody of James Bond. His line is, "It's all part of the plan, more or less."

Some of the missions include things like 'brushing your teeth', or Oso learns to 'be gentle', 'use a brush' or 'use a flashlight'.

Last year, and especially before Christmas, this little guy was ridiculously hard to find, and expensive if you did, so hopefully now he'll stick around a little longer – assuming your Special Agent Oso fans are still patiently waiting!

Thanks to Jedsmen97 at HUKD

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