Special Agent Oso Bear @ Disney

Special Agent Oso Bear @ Disney

specialAgentOsoSTAY ALERT EVERYONE!! After months of frustration Disney Stores are expecting more Special Agent Oso Bear stock TODAY!

Our eagle-eyed friends over on HUKD were given an email heads up yesterday from the Disney Store:

"We are expecting this item to arrive back in stock tomorrow. Therefore, please visit our site regularly to avoid disappointment"

If you've been desperately trying to get your hands on of these Special Agent Oso Bears then I suggest you take the day off work (say you're snowed in or something!), have your credit/debit card at the ready and keep hitting refresh.

For the last two months we've been sitting in the PlayPennies office utterly bemused at the brouhaha surrounding Special Agent Oso.

Firstly, none of us knew who he was until Lynley wrote about him, then we discovered that he's HOT!

Not in the literal, good-looking or out of the back of Del Boy's Reliant Robin sense - but the whole country seems to have gone mad in their quest to secure a Special Agent Oso Bear.

I just had a quick scout on eBay and found one that sold for £48! That's more than three times his rrp - I hope he's REALLY special for that price!!

If YOU are just as clueless about Special Agent Oso as we were, let me help you out.  He's a yellow and blue panda and, believe it or not, is a special agent - who'd have known! - who comes to the aid of children who need help.

I've never seen the TV programme, I might just have to check out an episode or two to try and understand what all the fuss is about that's causing a £15Special Agent Oso Bear to sell for more than three times that!

I'll keep watching the Disney Store for those magic words 'In Stock' - if you want one, GOOD LUCK!

Thanks to nicster08 over at HUKD


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  • Sarah K.
    • goonertillidie
      got one :D also now take paypal :)
      • Sarah K.
        WAHOOOOO! Awesome :D Sarah x
        • ODB
          are these things in demand??? Edinburgh stores have had tons of these in for months. Got one from the Gyle store last week
          • Sarah K.
            ODB - yes, they've been out of stock online and in most shops for months. Looks like you get lots of everything up there - lots of OSO bears and lots of snow!
            • ODB
              tons of Lotso bears and all the other characters there too...havent been out of stock once AFAIK Yup plenty of snow...its a pain in the backside!
              • Lynley O.
                You missed an opportunity then! You could have sold them to Southerners for treble the price!
                • debora
                  i have need of one bear of agent oso. It.s possible to have it before christmas? I buy it with paypal
                  • Caroline
                    Pleeeeeeeeeeease....... My son loves Oso.. i couldn't find the teddy??! Its his birthday soon, what to do?
                    • Lynley O.
                      How much time do you have? Keep checking it comes in stock fairly frequently - or has in the past! Also, visit Disney stores if you can. Maybe call first. Some people have found bears in store where they've been sold out online. Also if you have friends in less populated areas like Scotland get them to check their local Disney stores. Don't be sucked into paying inflated prices on eBay or anything though!