Space Cadet Trike With Parent Handle £39.99 @ Toys R Us

24 July 2011

Space Cadet Trike This seems like a good deal for a trike of this quality. The Space Cadet Trike with parent handle has been reduced by 50% at Toys R Us. Down from £79.99 to £39.99.

Now I never actually used one of these. Son never liked them, and then when he was two we went straight on to a pedaless bike, which I could sling across the back of the pushchair when we went out.

However I know from other mums that most kids really love these trikes. And parents like them too, as the handle means you can push them around when necessary without having to break your back.

The Space Cadet Trike has a sturdy steel frame, rear tipper, adjustable seat, handlebar safety pad, front mudguard.

It doesn't say on the website but I'm going to assume that the parent handle unscrews and detaches, as that's the case with all the other trikes I've come across. You might want to check on this though.

The parent handle also gives you extra confidence that your child will not pedal away without you! The Space Cadet Trike is suitable for children up to 3 years of age.

Thanks to Dandandandaman at HUKD!

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  • 123lkjh
    Just in case anyone does find this review before buying...I got one: the look is good and my little girl loves it, but she got it when she was within the age range it is listed for but she wasn't allowed to use it. Why? Well, there is no strap to keep her from falling out. I stupidly never considered the possibility that anyone would be selling such a thing without spending a couple of pennies to include and seat belt with it. It's proven impossible to locate a strap that could be used. Thus, it is unusable until my girl is big and old enough to be able to stay securely on by herself. Big disappointment. Something to be aware of in general when looking for a trike; basically don't assume anything and ensure the details list everything explicitly. Still can't believe the manufacturer does this and still can't believe the supplier actually thinks it's a good idea to sell it.

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