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10 December 2011

This would make a nice Christmas present or stocking filler for a little one. I always liked singing with my son when he was a toddler (and too little to realise how out of tune mummy was). I never knew that many songs though. The First Songs Library Sing-along Books are £3.99 including delivery at The normal RRP is £12.99.

The First Songs Library Sing-along Books are a collection of three illustrated books. These contain 50 of our favourite nursery rhymes, lullabies and sing-along songs. Well favourite according to the makers of these books, so I guess that means the most well known. I know so little of these songs, I was a bit surprised there were fifty of them!

The website says that children will love to sing along to the musical versions on the specially-recorded audio CD. In my experience that's usually true. Especially older babies and toddlers. Not all of them like those little playgroups where you do sing songs though. My son didn't, and the lad I used to babysit wasn't fond of them either. Something like this to sing at home is ideal then.

Thanks to MissGem at HUKD!

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