Skylanders Trap Team Starter Pack £29.86 @ Amazon

Skylanders Trap Team Starter Pack

If Santa didn't deliver the Skylanders Trap Team Starter Pack this Christmas, then this might well be the time to snap it up. It's just £29.86 at Amazon right now. Let's just say that I have it on good authority that Santa spent significantly more than that on it for my lads. Ahem.

This price seems only to apply to the Xbox 360 and PS4 versions of the Skylanders Trap Team Starter Pack, however.

I've heard people say that the real drawback with this game is that it's a bit of a money pit - to progress in the game, I gather that you have to continually keep buying new crystals and trap masters, and I can see that  it seems a little uncool to reel kids in with a pricy starter pack that requires yet more expense. But to be honest I kind of like the fact that my kids are suddenly really incentivised to earn money by helping out with chores around the house...!

As ever with Amazon, delivery on this free because you're spending more than £10.

With thanks to Quicksale @HUKD.

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