Skylanders Sandwich Box 71p Delivered @ Internet Gift Store

Skylanders Sandwich Box 71p Delivered @ Internet Gift Store

Internet Gift Store Internet Gift Shop has reduced the price of this Skylanders sandwich box to £1.50. With the two well known discount codes FACEBOOK1 and ICLICKED you can reduce the price down to 85p, but then add the new code SCHOOL10 and you'll drop it further down to 71p, delivered, since there's free delivery till the end of August.

You can use the same codes to drop the £1.69 Barbie Snack Potdown to 87p delivered, or the Hello Kitty Pink And White Sandwich Containerfor £1.56.

Remember with IGS that they change prices as an item becomes popular, so get in there sooner rather than later.

Also remember that delivery is free, but if you try to pay by PayPal you may be charged delivery. If you change to card payments you should then have free delivery. That said I've never paid for delivery from them (during free delivery periods) and have always paid by Paypal so it seems to be hit and miss.


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