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14 June 2010

Dinosaur models at Amazon As the parent of two dinosaur mad boys,  I've found it hard to find dinosaur models that are just the skeletons. You can get lots of 'skin' dinosaurs, as my youngest calls them. But even though we know dinosaurs better as fossils, the 'bone' dinosaurs he desires are much harder to come by unless you're going to fork out a lot of cash. Amazon has a number of models from the Skeleflex Dinosaur Bones range on sale right now for about a third of the normal price.

According to Lucyrsmum at HUKD, Amazon are selling the Spinosaurus £5.36, Stegosaurus £5.36, Plesiosaur £4.69 and Alien Bones Quadmo £4.99. I looked at buying one of these for my son for Christmas, and they were definitely only available for the full price of £15.99 then. Delivery is free with Amazon Prime.

The  Spinosaurus Dino Skull Kit, for example, comes with 37 interchangeable pieces in a skull-shaped storage case.

According to the manufacturer, Skeleflex is a creative ball-and-socket building system with bone-shaped pieces and flexible joints. Skeleflex kits are divided into Dinosaur and Alien sets - although all parts are compatible and can be combined to make aliens, dinosaurs and other fantastical creatures that move in a 'lifelike' manner. I love that bit because really, how do we know what is lifelike for a dinosaur, or for an alien for that matter!

Skeleflex 2The idea is that kids will get together and swap parts or join kits to make one giant monster. Which is fairly canny actually, becuase it is exactly the sort of thing my son and his friends would do. What I like about this, as a mother, is that they've put a little bit of thought into it. Each set contains pieces coloured to match its case, making it easy (in theory - presuming that no-one has the same coloured case) to sort out bones afterwards.

Thanks to Lucerysmum at HUKD!

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