Sizzlin' Cool Jumbo Ball Den £19.99 @ Toys R Us

Sizzlin' Cool Jumbo Ball Den £19.99 @ Toys R Us

sizzlinCoolJumboPlayDenToys R Us have taken £10 off the price of this Sizzlin' Cool Jumbo Ball Den, making it £19.99 instead of £29.99

Kids and ball pits/ball dens/call them what you will, go together like strawberries and cream, night and day, black and white; I don't think I've ever come across a child who doesn't like messing around in a huge pile of plastic balls.

This Sizzlin' Cool jumbo ball den is a brightly coloured six-sided ball tent that's suitable for little kids aged six months and over.

It has see-through mesh sides so you can keep an eye on your little one(s) whilst their messing around inside, and there are two circular entry/exit holes on the two of the sides.

Here's what an existing owner has to say about their Sizzlin' Cool jumbo ball den - I've posted the comment in its entirety as I think it's very helpful...

"I can't emphasise how much i love this product enough. i have been searching for a ball pit for my one year old and i must say that this ticked all the boxes.

Its design is pretty and the best part of it is the size as i can fit in there with my LO and I'm sure my husband too if he tried.. She is still really young to appreciate this ball den but i'm pretty sure she will grow to love it more.

At the moment she loves playing with the balls when she's in it and i also put some of her favorite toys and she can sit there for hours. I would totally recommend this to anyone as it is good quality and well worth the price."

So there you go, praise indeed for the Sizzlin' Cool jumbo ball den.

The only thing missing is the balls - you have to buy those separately, so look out for deals on those!


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