Single Swing & Glider Set £30 @ Tesco

Single Swing & Glider Set £30 @ Tesco

swingIn my real life I often feel I spend most of my life in and out of Tesco...and it's starting to feel the same here too but they've got such a lot of great deals just now!

Now, you'll need a fairly big garden for this as it's almost as huge as the 50% discount that Tesco have slapped on it bringing it down from £60 to £30!  It's a monstrous 3 metres wide which will be about as wide as the grins on little faces whilst they're playing on it.

I've agonised over the 'will whatever-the-garden-activity-of-the-moment-was take over the garden...?' and 'can I live with that...?' questions but I don't have a lawn that St Andrews would be proud of and, at the end of the day, these things are only temporary until the kids have grown out of them.

My cousins had something very similar to this many years ago in their garden and we all used to spend hours playing on it at every given opportunity - nothing short of torrential rain would keep us off it.

It comes in bits so you'll need to get your tools out when  you get home to put it together, think of it as a warm-up for all the pushing you're going to be doing once it's ready to be played on!

All the usual Tesco delivery blurb applies - collect it for free or pay for standard delivery.

Thanks to Twinx over at HUKD!


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