Silver Cross So Pretty Baby Set Now £24.99 (was £59.99) @ Argos

Silver Cross So Pretty Baby Set Now £24.99

This is a whole lot of toy for your money! I am snapping up one of these Silver Cross So Pretty Baby Set's as we speak! My daughter plays with her babies on a daily basis, she is obsessed! And although her baby items are now taking over my house, she loves them, so I am happy to add to her collection!

This gorgeous set is now less than half price at Argos, it was originally £59.99 and is now just £24.99. I am definitely tucking this one away for Christmas!

This pretty doll's set is a replica of the full size versions, perfect for your youngster's to be just like Mummy and Daddy. Included in this set is a beautiful 4 poster canopy bed for your little one's doll to sleep in. It has a little mattress, matching bedding and curtains with tie backs.

There is also a highchair for the doll's to sit in with a removable tray. There's a baby bouncer chair too for when the dolly has finished eating! You also get some feeding accessories to go with the highchair and a lovely changing bag to keep all of it in.

I love the pretty blue fabric and the fact that they all match. There isn't a doll included in this set so just be aware if you purchase it.

You can Reserve and Collect your Silver Cross Set for FREE to your local Argos store, stock dependent or have it delivered to your front door for £3.95.

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  • Adele W.

    xx this is a top site

  • Lesley M.

    I was going to get this but the reviews are not so good says it falls apart xx

    • Kate B.

      ive got it its actually really good my daughters hasnt fell apart

    • Sammy H.

      Igot this my daughter last year and paid full price, I was happy at that price! This is a bargain!

    • Hazel T.

      My daughters falls apart all the time, it's poorly designed and the bouncer doesn't hold a baby annabell doll without collapsing.

  • Gemma H.

    Av jus reserved it to pick up! Cheer hun xx

  • Saffron O.

    Thank you :kissing_closed_eyes::kissing_smiling_eyes: xxxx

  • Katy A.

    How adorable :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

  • Sacha C.

    this was the set I was talking about x

    • Andrea M.

      That's so good!

  • Claire O.

    Brilliant deal x

  • Cheryl D.

    Christmas pressie???

  • Ciara M.

    I've looked at so any sets like this. Don't know what best

  • Adele R.

    So cute I like that x

  • Caitrín L.

    Well at least with a set like that u can divy

  • Lianne F.

    Love love love xxxx

  • Tori R.

    Ordered! Thank you x

  • Hazel T.

    I bought this a few years ago, I got it at half price too. The cot is flimsy and falls apart easily and the bouncer doesn't stay upright with a baby annabell in it. I would never pay full price for it and tbh I wouldn't say it was worth £25 either x

    • Katie L.

      I got one aswell and I think the same, the cot just fell apart

    • Fiona M.


  • Stephanie G.

    :pensive: this is sold out everywhere near me

  • Stephanie M.

    such a good price xxx

  • Kerri K.

    I looked at this. Very cute! :wink:

  • Sarah B.

    Wow that's really good price! Surely I can't think about Christmas yet.... :weary::joy: x

  • Sally-anne B.

    Yes u can early bird n all that sorted x

  • Sarah O.

    It's out of stock everywhere xx

  • Tracey S.

    metro centre got it x

  • Martyn D.

    thats good

  • Kerry W.

    that is a bargain!!!

  • Hanna W.

    Yeah looks good!

  • Gail M.

    Has anyone bought this recently and is it any good ??

    • Fiona M.

      It's poor quality falls apart

    • Gail M.

      Oh god I just ordered it

    • Gemma S.

      Bought it its rubbish falls apart as soon as u try and play with it xx

  • Katie L.

    I wouldn't bother, I got one last year and the cot falls apart and the bouncer doesn't stay up with a doll in it unless it's a very light doll

  • Melanie N.

    Beautiful x

  • Fiona M.

    The quality is poor

  • Melanie N.

    Reviews are not very good x

  • Sarah M.

    Thank you X

  • Donna B.

    I know a princess that would love this for her birthday or Christmas!x

  • Samantha T.

    Aww well cute x

  • Helen M.

    check this out 25 pound good prezzie for Christmas x

  • Aine K.

    There is literally no more room in my house for dolls & there accessories! :joy:

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