Silly Sounds Game £5.53 @ Amazon

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Silly Sounds Game £5.53 @ Amazon

Looking for cheap ways to keep the kids entertained, or things to pop away for Christmas? This Silly Sounds Game is a bargain at Amazon, as it's down to only £5.53. There's free delivery if you have Amazon Prime too.

This looks like a really fun family game, as each player gets a headband to pop a card on with a mystery silly sound written on it. You have to work together with one making the silly sound and one guessing sounds like a dinosaur laughing, a pig in a thunderstorm, a monkey on the toilet and lots more.

The game is for 2 to 4 players aged 8 and over. Includes 4 headbands, 80 silly sounds cards, 12 blank cards, a spinner, a timer and a set of rules.

There's free delivery with Amazon Prime, or on orders of £20 or more if you're not a Prime member.

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