EXPIRED Shaun The Sheep: Airfix Land Rover Kit @ Play.com

EXPIRED Shaun The Sheep: Airfix Land Rover Kit @ Play.com

Shaun1Did you think that Airfix had gone to the great toy heaven in the sky? I know I did so it came as quite a surprise to find that this isn't actually the case. One reader over at HUKD, Mellow Yellow, found this kit. It’s the Land Rover from CBeebies show, Shaun the Sheep. The recommended retail price is £24.99, and Play.com are selling it for £9.99.

Now my stepson is all grown up, but he spent many weekends as a kid making these kits. Even ten years ago, a shade under a tenner was a good price for Airfix so I’d be well pleased with this. Along with the Land Rover you get Shaun the Sheep, Timmy and the naughty pigs. There isn’t a lot of info about the kit at the Play.com site. Airfix appear to have stopped selling it online, although the box can still be seen illustrating the TV themed section. A google search did throw up the Assembly and Painting instructions if you want to find out more.   It all looks hideously complicated – which personally excites me! Definitely not one for the littler children, but a good idea for keeping pre-pubescent offspring occupied during the half term, especially if it rains.



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  • Darren
    Item has been pulled by Play and is no longer available.
    • Lynley O.
      Thanks for the tip off Darren. It was still available to buy when we wrote this. What a shame. I think this was one of the last places still stocking it too.