Two Sets Of Three Me To You Ice Packs 67p DELIVERED @ Internet Gift Store

Me To You IcePacks Internet Gift Store is selling off a 3-pack of Me To You Ice Packs for 75p per pack. There's free delivery till the end of the month too, so if you add the code ICLICKED you could get the set for 67p delivered. However, if you add two packs to your basket, you can also use the code FACEBOOK1 (minimum spend £1) and take another 50p off, giving you two sets of 3 for 85p delivered.

Do remember that much like Amazon, Internet Gift Store has a set number of items at a price and then they raise the price as the item gets more popular, but hopefully you'll get them first!

These are great for cooling lunch and cooling drinks on the go - perfect for keeping your snacks over the holidays cool and for putting in lunch bags with yoghurt and so on.

They're also really useful for cooling down sun burn, bumps, bruises, or accidental little burns in the kitchen - I'm always burning my fingers and have something just like this.

In the past some of you have commented about the offer not working if you pay with PayPal. Just to confirm, I have just bought two sets of ice packs, using PayPal, for 85p delivered, so it definitely works.

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