Sesame Street Count N Crunch Cookie Monster £17.99 @ Play

Ohhhh, I want this Sesame Street Count n Crunch Cookie Monster; I LOVED the Cookie Monster when I was little, he was my favourite along with Oscar the Grouch.

I saw a really funny cartoon picture featuring the Cookie Monster a few weeks ago - he was sitting at a computer looking utterly perplexed, the caption above read: Delete cookies?!!  HA! It really made me laugh.

Anyway, this Sesame Street Count n Crunch Cookie Monster will help your child develop their early numbers and counting skills.  When you feed him cookies he'll swallow them and count, "One...two...three!"

He also has very ticklish feet, when they're pressed he'll wiggle and giggle and talk - he really is super cute and kids that already have their own Sesame Street Count n Crunch Cookie Monster LOVE him...

"Toy was purchased for my 10 month old baby and it is the coolest thing I have ever/ or will ever buy him."

"I bought this toy as a Christmas present for my daughter but couldn't wait to give her it. She loves putting the cookies in his mouth then taking them back out of his backpack. The only criticism I have is that it only counts to 3 once, it would be better if it had some more phrases but it's keeping her entertained and that's what counts."

Sesame Street Count n Crunch Cookie Monster usually sells for £29.99 but you can get him from Play (and Amazon if you prefer) for £17.99; I want him and now I also want cookies.

Thanks to DJNG22 at HUKD 

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