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5 June 2010

DrWho1 Are your offspring mad about Dr Who? If they are then you’ll know that the toys and figures that go with the series are very good quality but also rather expensive. I try to keep an eye out for deals like this. are selling a selected range of Dr Who figures at half price with free delivery. These are from the last episodes of the David Tennant doctor – The End of Time. All except the Matt Smith doctor figure, he’s still full price.

Since my son was about two years old he’s been an avid Dr Who fan. He loves watching the episodes every week, preferably curled into my husband’s side so he can hide behind his arm during the scary bits. He’s a bit of a fanboy though – only David Tennant is the doctor as far as he’s concerned. Although he still watches the Matt Smith episodes. It works well for me too – when he doesn’t want to brush his teeth I just have to point out that ‘The Doctor brushes his teeth, look how white they are’. Also works for eating greens, having a bath and getting dressed for school!

DrWho2Personally I love the Dr Who figures, they’re solid and well built with nice touches (like the way the joints all move) and lots of great detail. But they’re so expensive! At £4.49, the 5” figures being sold by at the moment are a great way to stock up on stocking fillers or extra birthday presents. There are three 5” figures in the sale. The dishevelled and injured Tenth Doctor (David Tennant) with a sonic screwdriver, the Master (John Simm) in dark and dusty clothes and The Narrator (Timothy Dalton) in Time Lord robes and holding his staff.

Thanks to bookdiver at HUKD!

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  • whogal
    I already have my Mini-Doctor. He's so CUTE! My friends don't think he looks like David Tennant, but he really does - and I'm the mega-fan around here. I'm almost tempted to get a Master (cos John Simm's cute, too) but I fear they might fight...
  • Lynley O.
    Don't worry, if you stick with the 5" figure instead of the life size version you'll be fine! I have my own mini mini doctor - my five year old son. The last time we went for a hair cut he told the bemused hairdresser he wanted 'big hair like the doctors'.

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