Seedling Good Things For Boys £9.99 @ John Lewis

20 August 2014

seedling good things for boys

Right, I have put this on for two reasons, the first one being that I want to know what the general consensus of this very gender specific toy is. Secondly, the Seedling Good Things for Boys set is reduced to £9.99 at John Lewis and this is the cheapest I could find it. It was originally £19.99 and this seems to be the going rate elsewhere.

Let's see what Seedling think little boys play with... dominoes, playing cards, a glider plane, juggling balls, wooden balloon powered boat, a notepad and a pencil. Are these the sorts of toys that your little boys play with?  Okay, so this is marketed as a set of traditional activities that have kept boys happily occupied over the years. Am I the only one that thinks perhaps in the 1920's?

The Seedling Good Things for Boys set is a lovely little piece of kit but I can't help but wonder if it has a place in today's toy market. Check out the contents of the Seedlings girl's set here. I think both sets look lovely and full of nice activities but I can't help but think that both sets could be enjoyed by both genders.

You can opt to collect the Seedling Good Things for Boys set free from your local John Lewis or Waitrose store or if you would like it delivered then it costs £3.

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  • mef
    if it only mentions the girls and boys on that one lable i dont see why you couldnt take it off. for children just need to be taught that it doesnt matter what it says on the packet?

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