Screwball Scramble £12.99 @ Amazon

Screwball Scramble £12.99 @ Amazon

Amazon are selling this classic Screwball Scramble game for £12.99 - if you've never heard of it, or never played it, you've been missing out.  GET ONE!

I'm almost beside myself with retro' gaming excitement!  My younger cousin, Stuart, used to have Screwball Scramble and we (all the cousins) used to have Screwball Scramble tournaments - talk about competitive, we scrambled to the DEATH!  Actually, we scrambled until it was either time to go home or time for bed, if we were staying over.

If you want a game that's fun, exciting, frustrating and gets your adrenalin going then Screwball Scramble is for you; I really cannot put into words just how awesome it is.

Basically it's an assault course for ball bearings: you need to get the ball bearing around the course before the timer goes off.  And that timer, let me tell you, is what makes Screwball Scramble so intense - the closer you get to the one minute time limit, the faster the timer ticks.  Honestly, it's making my adrenalin pump just remembering that noise and the panic/excitement it causes.

I'm SO glad Christmas is around the corner and that Edward, my youngest, is exactly the right age for Screwball Scramble, otherwise I'd be buying it just for me 'just because'!

Thanks (LOADS!) to goonertillidie at HUKD 


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  • Rebecca27
    Oh my god we just got my 2 1/2 year old this from a charity shop as he was always playing with my old one at my Mum's it is brilliant. He plays for an hour solid with it x