Schleich Knabstrupper Stallion, Mare & Foal £8.05 @ Tesco

Schleich Knabstrupper Stallion, Mare & Foal £8.05 @ Tesco


Tesco is selling the Knabstrupper sets for as little as £2.81 each, the price of £8.05 nets you all three items in the set as they have all been reduced in price. The total discount is around 25% off the Knabstrupper items so you can complete your collection.

The Schleich Knabstrupper sets have, other than a strangely hypnotic name, very cool features and details and are brilliant for little ones who love to collect horses. You can get the foal, the mare and the stallion, all with excellent detail.

You can use these as learning tools that promote imaginative play and they’ve been crafted and designed to the highest standards. They can be used on their own, as part of a collection, or just for fun and they are suitable for kids over the age of three.
In 1812, the Knabstrupper breed began with Flaeb's mare, also known as Flaebehoppen, who was bred at Knabstrupgaard in Denmark after a series of purchases. Known for being loud in colour, Knabstruppers were highly sought after in Europe. Eventually being bred with Appalosas, this step ensured less inbreeding and success in the reestablishment of Knabstruppers. Divided into 3 different groups, Knabstruppers are typified as Pony, Baroque and Sport, each with their own individual strengths.
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