Save £12.50 On Paw Patrol Toys When You Spend £50 @ Brilliant Gift Shop Using Code

Save £12.50 On Paw Patrol Toys When You Spend £50 @ Brilliant Gift Shop Using Code

If your kids Christmas lists are likely to be packed with Paw Patrol toys then we have an awesome offer for you where you can save £12.50 when you spend £50! That means that the brand new Paw Paw Patrol Roll Patrol Deluxe Tower Playset can be yours for just £37.50, when it's still the full £50 in most retailers! Just grab it from The Brilliant Gift Shop, and use the code CKLJ9 at the checkout to get your discount.

If that fab playset isn't on your list that code will also work on other Paw Patrol toys*, and as long as your total comes to £50 or more it will take 25% off, so that's a fab discount on brand new toys.

You could get the Paw Patroller* for £45, the Air Patroller* plus two of these Arts Sets* for £37.50, or use the code or any of the other Paw Patrol toys!

These new Marshall* and Chase* Headphones are pretty amazing too, and they're sold out in most stores too so I'm very tempted to pick them up with that code!

Delivery will add another £3.50 to your bill, or orders of £40 or more qualify for free click and collect, so I'd be tempted to add another small item like this to take the bill up to £40 rather than pay for delivery, but then I avoid delivery charges wherever possible!

We don't know how long the code will work for, so make the most of it and grab those bargains!


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  • Natalie B.

    paw patroller £45!!!!!! Act now!

    • Claire B.

      i paid 60 for this 2 weeks ago :fearful:

      • Natalie B.

        Claire Bridson oh no :( can you return it & buy this one?

        • Claire B.

          already opened and played with. never get a bargain :joy:

          • Natalie B.

            Claire Bridson buy this and return this to the other people! :scream:

            • Claire B.

              ha ha love the idea :smiley:

              • Natalie B.

                Claire Bridson yeah I wouldn't dare either!

              • Noilin C.

                Paw patroller £60 normally

                • Emily P.

                  Love the Marshall headphones. Haha

                  • Laura G.

                    I actually ordered that patroller today lol

                    • Gemma O.

                      Ironically all out of stock haha xx

                      • Fay F.

                        It keeps telling me my voucher isnt vaild untill december.

                        • Ashley G.

                          Did you create a new account?

                          • Fay F.

                            Yes. Went all the way. Then trued to add the code and kept saying code alreasy added and no deduction to the toy. The only note was it was only valied f9r 2 weeks in dec.

                            • Tara J.

                              Snap wouldn't work for me too x

                              • Fay F.

                                Pants isn't it. I would have saved loads on the marshall zoomer aswell.

                              • Tracy H.

                                Typical we got the paw patroller last weekend!!

                                • Connie G.

                                  That's typical! Paid £60 for the paw patroller on Friday :joy::see_no_evil: