Sanyo VPC-S120 12 Megapixel Camera £44.99 @ Play

Sanyo VPC-S120 12 Megapixel Camera £44.99 @ Play


I know you're wondering what this Sanyo Camera for £44.99 from Play is doing on a parenting site, but bear with me!

As a first time mum and as a now 'experienced' mum to a one year old, I have been asked countless times what advice I would give to new parents, and my ten pence is simple: take at least one picture every day. It's a much harder challenge to meet than you might at first suspect, because really, some days you do nothing other than laundry! But take one picture every day, even if it is just of the washing machine, because not only does it give you a record of those first weeks when you look back through hazy memories, but you will also be so surprised to see the daily changes in your little one.

To aid this, I have always carried a compact camera in our nappy bag. That way, I can take a snap in the park, at the play group, in the car or at home. I have my 'real' camera for the important occasions, but having a nappy bag happy snapper means I don't have to worry about keeping it safe, but always have a way to capture moments that pass too soon.

I've never used a Sanyo camera, but at £44.99 it certainly seems worth trying.

The 12 megapixels means you can enlarge the pictures you love without losing quality, and the 2.7” screen makes for easy viewing of your pictures immediately after. When photographing children, face detection and image stabilisation are definite pluses too.

For moments too good to capture in still, there's a video mode and with a 32GB memory capacity you wont need to download pictures every day either. Another fantastic bonus for a busy parent who might not always remember to charge an internal battery is that the Sanyo camera takes two AA batteries, which can be replaced on the run, if needed.

In an already stocked nappy bag, the 99 grams of this camera will hardly make a difference, and can easily be moved to your handbag when you leave behind the nappy days.

Do you have a camera in your nappy bag? What are your thoughts?

Thanks to Trashuk from HUKD


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  • shirley
    hi would you say this camera is slim as i cant get a proper picture angle of it as imk after a new camera
    • Luschka O.
      It's not the slimmest camera on the market, but it's certainly not very bulky, no.