Rubber Ducks Pack Of 3 £1.79 @ Argos

Rubber Ducks Pack Of 3 £1.79 @ Argos

Rubber ducky, you're the one. Rubber ducky, you're so much fun. Even as an adult, bath's are just that little bit more fun with a rubber duck. These ducks from Argos are just gorgeous, really cut little duckies with 'personality'. And they're on sale. You can get the Rubber Ducks Pack of 3 for £1.79 instead of £3.99. That's half price.

This is a quacking great deal (groan, I know, who could resist though?). The ducks are yellow (as all the best rubber ducks are of course), and are made of PVC. Each duck measures 10.5cm high, 8cm wide, and 11cm deep. It is out of stock for delivery but when I checked there were plenty at the ten nearest stores to me. You can reserve and collect instore.

There are a number of good reviews on the site. One commenter writes "I bought these for my friends daughter who came to stay with us for the weekend. What can I say? They are my personal childhood favourite and they definitely provided this little girl with bath time fun!"

I didn't have a rubber duck when I was a kid. In fact, we didn't have bath time toys at all. Maybe that wasn't quite the done thing then? I always wanted one though, and was thrilled when one of the presents I was given when my son was born contained a rubber duck. It still sits there on the side of the bath now. This would make a superb gift set.

Thanks to Lucas_Sheffield at HUKD!


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