Rocking Unicorn or Horse With Sounds Just £27.99 @ This Is It Stores

Rocking Unicorn or Horse With Sounds Just £27.99 @ This Is It Stores

When my little girl was younger I had my eye on an expensive rocking horse that I thought she would love, I didn't buy it as it was over £100 but it looked identical to these fab Rocking Horses which have a much cheaper price tag!

They are available for just £27.99 at This Is It Stores . Plus there's even a gorgeous Rocking Unicorn!

These gorgeous rocking horses have 44% off the retail price of £49.99. There are three options to choose from, a light brown horse, a beige horse and a pink unicorn.

All three have a soft padded saddle and wooden footrests for little ones to ride on. They are traditional rocking horse's that make clickety-clock and neighing noises whenever children press their ear. They have a plush coat and fluffy manes that little ones will just adore playing with!

They would make fantastic Christmas presents for little ones, something they can keep for a very long time.

Home delivery is £3.99 and becomes FREE on orders of £40 or more.


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  • Rebecca J.

    Just ordered this :joy: Every girl needs a pink rocking unicorn :unicorn: xx

  • Emma P.

    georgia needs this :wink: xxx

    • Karla B.

      Oh my god this is awesome. She does doesn't she lol xxx

    • Soph L.

      Olia just said she wants one for christmas

      • Sion L.

        She says that a lot.

        • Soph L.

          One for nannys house x

        • Becca G.

          saw you were looking for one for marines x

          • Becca G.

            Marines :joy::joy: you know what I mean x