Robbie Rotten Dress-Up Set £8 @ Amazon

23 March 2010

robbieRotten I always did love a bad boy and Robbie Rotten is no exception

If you've never seen Lazy Town, essentially the concept is this:  Lazy Town is full of lazy people and the villain of the piece, Robbie Rotten, wants to keep things that way.  Super-buff sports guy Sportacus, along with the most annoying girly character - Stephanie, try to encourage the Lazy Town residents to eat 'sports candy' (fruit and veg) and get active and generally thwarting Mr Rotten's evil plans to promote the opposite - he does this by dressing up in disguise.

Now, I love going to the gym (if I'm not at my desk that's where you'll find me) but Sportacus and Stephanie are sooo goody-goody they make me WANT to be bad and eat cake just to annoy them!

Robbie Rotten is ace - he's the slapstick comedy bad guy and Lazy Town is watchable just for him alone.  Dressing up is his thing and now your child can do the same.

robbieRotten2It comes with a wig, vest and periscope - Robbie Rotten's evil lair is underground you see, so a periscope is essential to be ing able to see what Sportacus and annoying-girl are up to; the periscope plays phrases and songs from the show.

Amazon have reduced this from £21.99 t just £8 and that's all you'll pay if you choose the SuperSaver delivery.

Thanks to lucerysmum over at HUKD!

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  • Emma K.
    Yeah Sportacus is goody goody, but damn, he's fit!

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