My First Trampoline Review

15 July 2010

My First Trampoline 1

The best outdoor toy I have bought is a small trampoline. As well as jumping on it, the trampoline is a spaceship, pirate ship, gladiator arena and a 'house' where on summer evenings dinner is often eaten.

The 'My First Trampoline' was the smallest 'proper' trampoline that I could find. I don't have a large garden but I did want my son, then two years old, to have a trampoline to bounce on. At the time it cost me around £80. Now you can pick up the same model for a little less. The cheapest I could find it while writing this was  at Trampled Underfoot for £69, including delivery.

It is now three years later, he's five years old, and it is still the most popular toy in the garden. The My First Trampoline takes weights up to 8 stone, so I'm hoping we'll get a little bit more use out of it.

I can say, hand on heart, that it was an absolute doddle to put up. That's because I didn't have to do it. My husband and my step-daughter did and they've got a rather different view. That might be more down to the dynamic of father and daughter working together. However at the end of the afternoon we had a beautifully set up trampoline that looked just like the picture on the box.

My First Trampoline 2Ours is on a patio, so we can't secure it down. My First Trampoline does come with pegs though. Even with three five year old boys playing 'gladiator' using the net to bounce off, it still stayed upright and hardly moved.

The poles around the outside of the My First Trampoline are covered with foam, and it is only now three years later that the foam is starting to split. This has been encouraged by my son and his friends playing 'ship ahoy', which involves using the foam lagging to spin around and around. The net has suffered the most however.

My First Trampoline Snow

It has been out in all weathers, and it is only with  last year's deep snow that  the first signs of damage appeared. As you can see in the picture, the net split along the seam at the top. I've mended it for now with white nylon twine.

Luckily I managed to find an online store that was selling off all its bits and pieces of My First Trampoline stock, and got the net plus foam padding surround for £20 including postage. The one downside of this trampoline is that spare parts are not readily available.

So tell me - what is the most indespensible toy in your garden? Do you have a trampoline and what were your experiences like?

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  • Donnie
    My son has always wanted a trampoline - a big one. I was always afraid to buy one because I feared he'd snap his neck on it. And, of course, limited space in the garden is a big issue. I did compromise and found a climbing frame with a slide and monkey bar at John Lewis for a pittance. I think I paid £150 in total for what would have been a £400-plus climbing frame. It was considered damaged and so reduced. Honestly, the damage is a dent. It's perfectly safe and has acted as a pirate ship, cave, rain forest and countless other settings for imaginary play. It's far and away the best outdoor toy we own.
  • Lynley O.
    Ha ha I have a similar fear over climbing frames! It is great isn't it though, what they can do with their imaginations. When the weather is hot, my son or his friend will bounce about on the trampoline while the other one stands outside and tries to hit them with the water pistol. Then they'll swap.
  • Jo
    We also have one of these, I came across your review while searching for replacement parts. Do you happen to know the name of the company you found? I need new foam for the poles and a new net. We've had ours for three years now, its been used and abused, gone through two house moves, been out in all the glory of English weather. The kids are 6 and 5 now and they still love it!

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