Remote Control Viper Snake £11.99 Delivered @ Argos

Remote Control Viper Snake £11.99 Delivered @ Argos


I am SO tempted to buy one of these to trick my other half. He constantly plays practical jokes on me and the boys so this might just be the ticket to get him back! Argos are selling this Remote Control Viper Snake for just £11.99 with FREE delivery. This cool toy has a third off and usually sells for £17.99. It's been given a five star rating, albeit from one reviewer.

Some children are HARD to buy for like my six year old. This Remote Control Viper Snake would please even the fussiest of children. I reckon it'll be good fun as it slithers across the floor.

What's super about this is that it's entire body moves but to make it more effect and real looking it's tongue flickers and waves too. I had a pet snake when I was little and I bet I would have been just as happy with this toy one instead.

This Remote Control Viper Snake is recommended for children aged five and above, which I am assuming is because it is remote controlled. If you are looking for something a little different then this is worth a nosey.


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