Remote Control Roary £9.99 @ Argos

14 November 2010

remoteControlRoary Calling all Roary the Racing Car fans! Argos have a spectacular deal on this remote control Roary!

ROAAARRRRRY the racing car! ROAAARRRRRRRY he’s my number one star!

There comes a time in every car fanatic's life when pushing cars around on your hands and knees just isn't enough any more.

You want MORE speed and you're pushing whilst crawling abilities have reached terminal velocity - there's nothing for it but to move on to remote control cars.

A remote control Roary will keep any young Roary the Racing Car fan happy at any time of year, but their little faces will light up on Christmas morning if they discover one of these under the tree.

Remote control Roary is suitable for little racing drivers who are three years or older.  He steers left, right, forwards and backwards and makes, and says, Roary sounds and phrases too.

He doesn't come with any of the batteries you need though (4 AAs and 1 AAA), so you'll want to make sure you have enough of those!

Remote control Roary should be £29.99 but he's up for grabs for just £9.99; bargain.

Thanks to prettyprincess over at HUKD

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