QVC Online Shop Philosphy and Elemis Skincare Products Review

4 January 2011

QVC Online Shop Elemis Skincare Collection Son is back at school, I'm back at work and suddenly I realise. I'm a little older, and a little more worn, but with less time than ever to spend on myself. How did that happen? So we looked about for something that might just help us out, and found these luxurious, rejuvenating, products to pick ourselves up again.

Two mums with teenagers to juggle along with full time jobs, Terri and Melanie, took charge of testing these products from the QVC online shop.

Elemis Skincare Collection

The Elemis 5 Piece Exotic & Nourishing Face & Body Skincare Collection (pictured above) costs £47.75. This comes with a silver make up bag.

QVC Online Shop Elemis Silver Makeup BagTerri liked that the bag zipped up, and that the soft silver material looked good. "But it is too big for a make up bag. And a little too small to be a toilet bag."

Terri tried the Skin Nourishing Hand & Body Lotion (300ml) first.  "It smells like something you would get out of a pound shop."  She also found it greasy on her hands and felt she had to wash her hands after using the lotion.

However there were positives too! "The despenser gives you a good amount to use on your face - not too much at once. It soakes into the face well not leaving it feeling greasy or looking shiny. After five minutes my skin feels moisturised but there is no trace of the product. I don't feel like there is actually on my skin which I think is great."

Overall Terri felt she wouldn't use it as a body moisturiser because of the smell, but would happily use it as a daily moisturiser for her face as it feels quite refreshing and feels like it rehydrates the skin well.

QVC Online Shop Exotic Frangipani Monoi Moisture MeltTerri loves her baths, so the Elemis Exotic Frangipani Monoi moisture melt (35ml) and Exotic Frangipani Monoi Bath & Shower Cream (200ml) got a good try out.

"It takes quite a while to de-solidify the oil. I had a bath and just had it in there with me in the end and that did the trick! I would say it took about 20 minutes to be able to get the oil out, which isn't very practical."

She found more positives than negatives though.

You only need the tiniest bit so it will last forever!

However, Terri did like the scent, and loved it when applied on her skin. "I used it on my legs as they are usually quite dry after a bath. I did it on one leg first so I could compare and it made my leg nice and soft - so I did the other one too! I will use the oil again because it's really easy to use, not messy and leaves my legs feeling all smooth and shiny."

The bath and shower cream was just, well, a bath and shower cream! "My skin felt clean afterwards, and soft, but then so does my usual shower gel. I am not sure I'd use both together again as the scent, while nice, was a bit too much."

QVC Online Shop Elemis Pro Collagen Marine CreamTerri passed the Pro-collagen Marine Cream on to her mum to try out. "There were just too many skin lotions! My mum really didn't like the smell, felt it was too flowery and reminded her of something her mother used in the 70s. However, she did find that the cream really did make her skin feel plumper, and she liked that."

Commuting to work and back in the city does take its toll and Terri is diligent about her cleansing routine. "The melting cleansing gel is just lovely! It smells like oranges, but not too strong, and really works into the skin without feeling like it is stripping it. However, it is an odd concept - you put it on your skin then use wet fingers to move it over the surface. I found this took a little more time than I wanted to spend on a daily basis, but I'm definitely keeping this as my weekend and 'special' cleanser."

Firming Body Emulsion

QVC Online Shop Philosophy Amazing Grace Body LotionThe Philosophy Amazing Grace firming body emulsion(473.1ml) costs £25. It arrived on its own in a sturdy box, firmly packed with polystyrene packing Melanie tested this product for us. "It says that it has firming agents to help revitalize aged and wrinkled skin and I am definitely at an age where I need all the help I can!"

"To be fair, I haven't used it long enough to see if that works or not. But otherwise it doesn't seem any different to most moisturisers I've used. I didn't feel that it particularly sunk into the skin well. It did leave my skin feeling smoother but slightly greasy."

"However, it definitely made my skin feel firmer - almost a little stiffer actually. I liked that on my upper arms, definitely. The problem is I don't know if I would ever buy it again. Simply because of the smell. It is rather odd and I'm guessing it is meant to be refreshing in an outdoors by the seaside kind of way but actually, it smelled too much like the Method Tub And Tile cleaner I use in the bathroom for me to really enjoy using it!".

And Finally ...

Most of the products in the Skincare collection are available on their own, or in a smaller grouping, on the QVC online shop site. Standard shipping on the site is £4.95.

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