Quick! Sneaky Peek At The Early Learning Centre Toy Sale

elc sale preview

Quick, get over to the Early Learning Centre. NOW! Click the blue link below to check out the toy sale before it actually starts. The preview ends at Midnight tonight, so don't hang about. There's heaps of bargains, I could actually do most of my Christmas shopping from this sale. If you have little ones, then you could save a lot.

I don't know where to start, I love it all. I haven't seen one toy that I don't think is a bargain. Here's my ultimate favourite, that my inner child is screaming, buy me! The Manor Wooden Doll's House*, is THE doll's house to have. It is HUGE, and so is the £80 reduction. It was £160, get it tonight at £80. I want one!

If you can't quite accommodate the massive Manor doll's house in your home, then this Happyland Cherry Lane Cottage* is a fine size and is only £25. The ELC Happyland toys are very similar to Fisher Price Little People.

The wooden Pirates Ship*, was £40 and is now only £20. It is just lovely, and comes with loads of accessories and figures.

This sale is good, get over there now, and bag most of your Christmas presents, NOW!

Thanks to goonertilidie @ HUKD

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  • sarah8484
    how do i get the pirate ship for £20 its still coming up at £40. thanks

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