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The new 2015 re-boot of Thunderbirds is a big success for ITV, and to go with it there will be a whole new range of toys, including a brand new version of Tracy Island itself.

The Thunderbirds Are Go toys include figures of all the main character and all the vehicles, as well as the huge Tracy Island play set. Although they are not due for release until July this year, The Entertainer are already taking pre-orders for them. This normally signals that a toy is going to be hugely popular, and may be hard to get, so it's something to think about before July if your children are fans.

Since they announced the Tracy Island toy set in January certain members of my household have been very excited about it, and I've just shown them the video sneak peek. You should have seen their faces. Oh dear.

The down side is the price. The figures are £8, the vehicles are £10 - £17, and there's even a uniform at £20. All of those are the RRP and seem about average, but the Tracy Island is a mega £79.99. That's one we will be keeping a close eye on to see what offers we can find, though on first release they are unlikely to be anything other than the full RRP if they are that much in demand.

In the absence of special offers we will have to go all home-made, and attempt the Blue Peter "here's one I made earlier" version that Anthea Turner did. I'm not the only one who remembers that, am I?

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