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20 November 2010

mrPotatoHead I always wanted a Mr Potato Head when I was small; my friend Rachel, who lived across the road, had a Mr Potato Head...I was jealous.

Thanks to the Toy Story franchise, Mr Potato Head is now an icon amongst kids of a certain age.

His concept is so adorably simple and his character in the Toy Story movies is hilarious - I utterly love his sardonic humour.

Mr Potato Head comes with a potato body (good, good, that bit's quite important!) two arms, a nose, a pair of shoes, a set of teeth, a moustache, ears, a hat, a pair of eyes, a pair of glasses and tongue.

Little kiddies aged two years and upwards can either stick with convention and put all the pieces in their correct anatomical places, or they can get creative and mix things up a bit!

All of the parts store away inside Mr Potato Head’s body so you can plant the very early seedlings of being tidy and putting things away – if you’re lucky you’ll end up with a tidy toddler who might carry those skill into teenage-hood…like I said, if you’re LUCKY!

There’s not a huge reduction in price here, but every little bit helps right, instead of being £6.99 Mr Potato Head is now £5.

Thanks to saiyanchild9 over at HUKD!

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