Potato Clock £7.99 @ Amazon

Potato Clock £7.99 @ Amazon

Whilst large, expensive pressies are always GREAT to get when you're a kid (and, let's face it, when you're a grown-up too!), there's still something rather exciting about being confronted with a fair few gifts to open on Christmas morning.

The trick to making a pile of gifts a success is to make sure they're awesome gifts - there's no point opening (or giving) a load of useless tat, so I spend an abnormal amount of time scouting around for things that are a little out of the ordinary...like this Potato Clock, which you can pick up for £7.99 instead of £10.99.

I remember being fascinated by potato clocks when I was little - HOW could a couple of spuds make a clock work?! It just sounded so bonkers!

You aren't limited to using potatoes to power your clock: lemons and various other fruits, along with some liquids will work too.  If you're worried about your child making a link between liquids and electricity, take the instructions out like this reviewer did...

"My only worry, and it is a big one, is that the instructions with the potato clock state that the electrodes can be placed in various liquids to make the clock work.

I was a tad concerned that this would give my children the false impression that they could put any electrical worries in water to make a product work. Therefore, I removed the instructions and never mentioned anything about using fluids to power the product."

Other than that, the reviews speak of wonder and a fair bit of excitement; even a boss who was given one as a pressie:

"I bought this for my Boss and he loved it. Took a photo of it on his phone and showed it to anyone who would look. Brilliant on lots of levels. Not just for kids."

So there you go: a fun, educational and somewhat quirky gift to give for Christmas - the potatoes aren't included, although I don't think anyone will be short of spuds on Christmas day!

Happy potato clocking!


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