Postman Pat Figure & Vehicle £20 @ Tesco

Postman Pat Figure & Vehicle £20 @ Tesco

postman pat

There seems to be a theme here – lots of lovely sets to buy for under the Christmas tree. This Postman Pat Figure and Vehicles playset is down from £40 to £20, a fantastic saving of exactly half the original price at Tesco Direct.

The Postman Pat set includes the Postman Pat Special Delivery Service van, a jess figurine and a Postman Pat figurine, the Special Delivery Service helicopter along with a pilot, PC Selby, and the police car.

It is ideal for children over the age of three as I can see there are quite a few small parts. In the picture I can also see some parcels, a cow (yes, a cow), and some cones but it doesn’t say whether or not these are included in the package.

Frankly if the original price was £40 for this, I would hope that they’ve included these little extras. Nothing like making money off a name, is there?

Thanks to nkje02 at HUKD!


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